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Elytis is the official distributor of the impressive high tech invention by Devialet. The launching was held in October 2017 at La Clef des Champs restaurant where our guests have been able to taste the fine cuisine of Jacqueline Dalais while listening to the ultra-dense sound of the speakers. On this occasion we had the pleasure to host Yassin Zaim EMEA Sales and Marketing from Devialet Paris.

It was an exciting experience for our guests who have acquainted the clarity and the power of its breath-taking sound and were amazed by the beauty of the Phantoms which differentiates itself by its implosive sound and its unique design that unfurls in three colors white, silver and gold.


Elytis is a Greek name and the most famous person called Elytis was Odysseas Elytis, known to be one of the most praised poets of the second half of the twentieth century. With our company name’s Greek heritage, when we had to choose a name for our newsletter, we immediately wanted a name that would make our readers travel with us and that has a Greek name. Odysseas made us think of Odysseus (Ulysses) the main character of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, and as an odyssey is by definition a long journey full of adventures, our newsletter’s name could not be anything else…