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By entering into a sales or service contract with our company, you are required by law, under the Mauritius Data Protection Act 2017 and the General Data Protection Regulations (European Union) 2016/679), to provide us with your personal data for operational and legal purposes and which shall be retained in accordance and in compliance with legal requirements.

Your personal data shall only be used for the purposes of this contract and shall not be further processed or disclosed without obtaining your express consent You are hereby informed that your personal data may be shared with third parties where it is required in order to operate this contract. The Company shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all its agents, partners and sub-contractors comply with the all the provisions set out in above laws. The Company shall provide you with reasonable access to such information as is necessary to ensure that it is complying with the above laws. You have the right to make further inquiry to the Group Data Protection Officer:

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