Pricing and Reporting


Contact us to find out the price you are charged for each Microsoft licensed product offered through the SPLA program

Academic Pricing

Academic pricing on selected products is available when you deploy services to qualified education customers.

Please click here for information on the Qualified Educational User definition.

Price Changes

Microsoft can decrease the price in the price list at any time. Microsoft can increase the price in the price list only once each calendar year on January 1 and at any time to offset exchange rate fluctuations for prices other than U.S. dollars.
If Microsoft increases the price of a particular version of a product after you sign your agreement, you are invoiced at the price in effect for that particular product at that time.


You are required to submit either a monthly use report or zero use report monthly on all licenses that you make available to your customers.

Monthly Use Reporting

The monthly use report must include the total number of licenses required for each product that you made available during the preceding calendar month. If the customer generated more than U.S.$1,000 per month in revenue to Microsoft, and for all Microsoft Dynamics CRM products, you must include the user’s name and address. You do not need to include customer demonstrations, customer evaluations, your organization’s evaluation and testing of licensed products, or server administration and maintenance on your monthly use reports.

If you need to make adjustments or revisions to your report resulting in reduced license fees to Microsoft, you must submit the revised monthly use report with a detailed explanation within 90 days from the original invoice date.

Zero Use Reporting

If your organization did not use any of the licensed products to provide software services to your customers during the previous calendar month, you must submit a zero use report. If you submit more than six consecutive zero use reports, Microsoft may immediately terminate the agreement.

An authorized representative of your organization must certify that the monthly use report or zero use report is accurate and complete. If you do not submit a report by the due date each month, your organization will not be compliant with the agreement.

If your organization has affiliates and software services resellers, you are responsible for consolidating their license use in your monthly use report or zero use report. Your affiliates and software services resellers do not submit a report.

Final Monthly Use Report or Zero Use Report

When your agreement terminates or expires, you must submit a final monthly use report or zero use report within 30 days. The report needs to include the use of licensed products up to the date of your termination or expiration.

Service providers must maintain all reporting records for a period of two years from the termination or expiration date.